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Annular spring



Annular spring is composed of a tension spring and a connecting spring. The pitch and direction of the tension spring and the connecting spring are the same. Use a special tire clamp to clamp one end of the tension spring and screw it into the connecting spring, and then set the other of the tension spring. One end is rotated and then sleeved into the other end of the connecting spring, and the connecting spring is screwed into the inside of the extension spring by the turning force, and the extension spring is formed into an annular spring. The annular spring of the utility model does not affect the shape and elasticity of the connection part, and the connection is firmly applied to various occasions where the annular spring needs to be used.


The spring is composed of a plurality of washer-shaped spring steel with inner conical surface and outer cylindrical surface and washer-shaped spring steel with inner cylindrical surface and outer conical surface alternately superimposed and combined.

The logarithm of the inner and outer rings of the annular spring is determined according to the size of the load it bears and the requirements for deformation.


  • Overload proof when in blocked (solid) position 

  • High damping capability 

  • Force-travel curve independent of the loading rate 

  • Curve independent of the temperature 

  • Reproducibility of the characteristic curve 

  • Maintenance-free 

  • Variable configuration of the annular spring 

  • Parallel arrangement for higher forces and serial arrangement for greater spring travels possible 

  • Characteristic curve can be varied by the selection of the element number 

How does a annular spring work

As a result of the energy introduced axially,the outer and inner rings on the conical surfaces are shifted apart from each other so that the spring column is shortened.

This means: The outer rings are stretched and the inner rings are compressed.

As the tapered surface slides, the energy introduced is absorbed and converted into heat to be removed.


Annular spring is a powerful spring with great cushioning and shock absorption capacity (the ratio of area OABO to OACO can reach 60~70%). It is commonly used in occasions where space is limited and strong cushioning is required like the cushioning devices for heavy vehicles, artillery and aircraft landing gear.


SUNZO has it’s own researching and development team and test center, has participate in rule-making of the latest national industry standards and the international ISO standards for disc springs.

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